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DISCOVER Lauren's six step process to HELP YOU turn consumers into ENTHUSIASTS and propel your business FORWARD.

Put yourself in charge of your consumer marketing with The Booster Club Playbook!

Step 1:  Know Your Booster?

"When you ask who is your booster?" you’re asking yourself “What do I want the team representing my product or service to look like?"

For example, you wouldn't hire a college student if you're target customer is a mother. Getting your profile right will help you identify the needs, wants, and desires of your consumer. Using our proprietary Avatar program, will help you define the goals of your program.


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Step 2:  Recruiting and Hiring

Next, We'll help you find your Boosters with a simple recruiting process.  This section gives you clever shortcuts for finding your desired Booster, and streamline the interview process.  

We also help you look out for simple hiring mistakes that can be very costly in the end.  Best of all, we teach you how to use the hiring process to create your brand enthusiasts -- even if you don't make them an offer.

Step 3:  Training and Onboarding

Once you've found your Boosters, it's essential to prepare them for every scenario.  To make sure your Booster is ready & engaged with your customers, we will help you deliver an outstanding training process that not only educates but inspires.  

We have one goal for onboarding -- make sure your Boosters would represent your brand just like you would!  

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Step 4:  Custom Brand Experience

Find out how some of the best companies in the world harness their customer experience as a marketing fundamental.  Making sure your consumer has a consistent impression of your brand whether it is in Seattle, Syracuse or Memphis is not only a matter of training and systems, it's a matter of brand vision.  

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Step 5.  Planning to Boost!

Setting and reaching obtainable goals is Vital.  We'll show you how to simply and easily set up a turn-key planning process for weekly, monthly, and annual marketing goals.  

Your Boosters will thank you, and you can rest assured that your team is outperforming expectations!

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Step 6. Know the Score

We get it... Any marketing program has to have an ROI. Hold your teams accountable for results with our Reporting & ROI systems.  

Use the flexibility of your Booster Club to get real time feedback can give you a deeper understanding of how all of your marketing activity supports your business.

The Booster Club Playbook: Build your Team, Find your Fans, Grow for Good 
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