After spending 15 years helping brands like Red Bull, Smartwater, and GoGo squeeZ scale, I was confident that the key to making people fall in love with your product or service is not what you do -- it's how you make them feel. 
It’s about an emotional connection.  A Spark.  
The Booster Club was created for 3 reasons. 
1)  Desire to authentically support founders and brand leaders as they expand their mission-based brands
2) A passion for creating really awesome work opportunities for really cool people
3)  Crafting Experiences that share brands & stories that will spread joy and enhance lives
When you create a spark, it's more than just a message.  It's multi-sensory. It's visceral.  It's kinetic.  It's a vital part of your marketing story, just like a Social Media post, or a Billboard, or a great logo.  
We want to take your consumer from curiosity to smitten in just a few simple steps. Together we can Build your Booster Club, Leverage the Power of Human Connection and Unleash your Raving Fans!
Always your biggest fan!
Lauren Doyle
Founder, The Booster Club &
Field Marketing Summit
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